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About Dr. M. V. Prasad(MBBS)

Dr. M. V. Prasad was born in Kochi, on 6th of March, in the year 1970.His basic education was done at St.Albert's school & college, Ernakulam. He joined Calicut Medical College for his medical education and had his M.B.B.S..degree in1995.After from his curriculam,he enjoyed cricket ,badminton ,tennis,hockey and more then that he enjoyed his life ,which was very colourful..

After passing out from Calicut Medical College, he decided to work at Wayanad, one of the remotest districts of Kerala. It was during this period that the worries of diabetic patients started bothering him. He noticed that they were prescribed heavy medication and imposed strict food control-this ultimately makes the patients physically and mentally tired. Regardless of the depth of the disease, almost all diabetic patients were treated in the same manner. Most of the diabetic patients were neither mentally nor physically healthy nor happy and were found to be depressed.

Through his continuous observation, he discovered that the tribal of the area, who weren't anxious about their future or past were free from such lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, BP, Type 2 diabetes- just because of their life style.

So he came up with an entirely different approach towards diabetic treatment as compared to the regular practice. He started councilling them about the importance of food (which is the only source of all nutrients) and exercise (only way to burn out glucose ).

In due course of time, he came to the conclusion that, instead of dead beta cells, there is more chance for sleeping beta cells in life style diabetes, keeping the fact in mind that the only thing in nature which can bring insulin out of the pancreas is glucose, so he advised sharp sugars for bringing insulin out of the active beta cells, to wake up the sleepingbeta cells and the dormant beta cells, for which demand for more insulin should be maintained in your body.

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For this he increased the oral glucose day by day. The blood sugar may shoot up, which should be tackled with exercises in a particular ascending manner. Gradually with two or three months normal betacells will be refreshed ,sleeping cells will be aroused and the dormant cells will be awakened ,but take more time.

In 2010, Dr. M.V.Prasad started a clinic "FRIENDS OF DIABETES" in Kenichira in Wayanad. His ultimate aim is to reduce the incident of life style diseases from our society. Thousands has already been treated, thousands are undergoing treatment at present and lots more are coming in newly. As the word spreads, "FRIENDS OF DIABETES" and the new system of diabetes treatment is on the verge of a new breakthrough in the field of diabetes treatment.


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