Friends Of Diabetes

Friends Of Diabetes

"FRIENDS OF DIABETES", is situated at Kenichira, in Wayanad district of Kerala State in India. Started by Dr. M.V.PRASAD (MBBS), the clinic practices an entirely different procedure for treatment of diabetes. Now it is a collective effort by dedicated people with one aim –To wipe out diabetes from Kerala

It is a group of diabetic people who were living as diabetic patients but are now living as normal people without even the thought that they were diabetic. They achieved this by learning how to live with diabetes which is not dealt as disease but as a part of their body.

This is a collective effort by their leader DR.M.V.PRASAD who arranges counselling classes discussions and after sharing experiences together started a new method with a different approach in the treatment of diabetes here patients are becoming doctors who know how to deal their problems how to prevent the sequels and morbidity and how to led a normal life with normal food and mild exercises they all are happy, healthy and relaxed now.

The Basic

Keeping the natures rule in mind that the only thing in the nature which can bring insulin out of your pancreas is glucose he clubbed it with exercises which only thing can burn this glucose .By gradually increasing the oral sugar and exercise which will awaken the sleeping beta cells. The dose of medicines can be needed to a certain extent. (This is based on his belief that in type 2 diabetes there will be sleeping cells and a lazy pancreas inside.)

How To Reach Us?

Booking is not compulsory on Wednesdays as the day has been reserved for new patients coming from long distance. On Wednesdays, counselling classes that are conducted only in Malayalam starts from 11:00 am and lasts up to 2:00 pm. Consultation is done after that, preference for which is given depending upon the distance, that is, patients coming from distant places will be consulted first. Those who wish to come on the day ought to bring the test results of the previous day's Blood Sugar and Urine Sugar taken during fasting and 2 hours after both breakfast and lunch. Those who are under medication, needs to bring their medicines along with this.

Outstation counselling classes will be held on Sundays, details of which will be received from the office. Booking is necessary for further consultation which is held on all other days except for Wednesdays and Sundays. Telephone calls will also not be entertained on both these days as Sundays are Holidays and Wednesdays are reserved for outstation patients.


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